Thursday, November 13, 2008

Abraham's Brother Haran Dies

= = = Speed and Alcohol were factors in Haran's death

Soon after the broken idol incident, Terah's son Haran, who had been a gifted athlete at his high school, but failed to launch as an adult went out drinking and chowing down on bagels and herring with his buddies.

He then took a chariot on a wild ride through the city. Apparently he knew every curve in the road but one. He died in Ur of the Chaldeans, the place of his birth, according to police, speed and alcohol were factors in the event and he wasn't belted in. He was survived by:
• Terah, his father,
• Mamayar his mother who left Terah because he snored
• His two foxy party grrrrll daughters Milcha and Iscah
• A son who like him never really was able to make his mark, Lot
• His two brothers Abram and Nahor

After the burial, family and friends observed a seven day period of mourning. Terah's 401k account, his sons, lost considerable value in a single night. Haran was missed and some of his friends kept putting flowers on the spot he left the road and crashed for the next twenty years.


  1. The fact is that Haran A.Kalumdug born in 2078bc was drafted from Ur at 18 to build Nineveh in 2060bc where he then built Harran west of it in his 30th year 2049bc so that Abram was born in the city Harran's 32nd year (2018bc) when Terah was 130. However, when Terah was 119 Haran committed suicide with his grandfather Nahor Mes.Kalumdug and their 68 wives were poisoned with 4 guards in Death-Pit 1237 except for Lot's mother. The carbon-14 of that suicide is the first known current levels that prove the plunge in longevity and how to restore 900 years by the purge of C-14 off all DNA molecules. Easy for someone growing from 2 feet to 6 feet, difficult for someone over 20 or 30. Unfortunately when everything in a city is done for its founder Peleg Mes.Aanipada (a king raised in Kish) and his wife Pu-Abim as commanded by the world's first human king Reu A.Anipada also known in Chinese as Yu The Great, you end up with kissing up to society until everyone is dead. Now that's a reason to leave town.